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Ethical, Expeditious, Outcome-Focused Service


The law offices of Robert W. Chmielinski, P.C., have been providing legal advisory services to corporate and individual clients through its principal, Robert W. Chmielinski, Esq. for over 35 years.
We are not a “specialized” firm, but instead represent the client’s entire interests, from personal matters such as buying and selling a residence, to assistance in corporate formation, business acquisitions and sales, estate planning and more.



We provide services to clients in the formation of new companies for the conduct of business both directly and as holding companies. Where appropriate, local counsel is retained to assist in evaluating and implementing client programs.  We coordinate U.S. tax reporting and assist in managing your banking relationships with our extensive network of professionals built over several decades.



The demands of today's business people and entrepreneurs requires rapid development of strategy, and development and implementation of a legal plan to achieve client objectives. Our office excels in this regard, often devising and successfully launching your business start-up or acquisition, complex relationships between companies and financing arrangements. An initial no-charge discussion is sufficient to determine what you are trying to do, and accurately scoping out what is necessary to get there.


We provide assistance in matters including the preparation and review of leases, purchase & sale documents, and financing for commercial and residential properties. We often coordinate with multiple resources - accountants, lenders, brokers and other attorneys - to provide seamless and efficient service for fees that cannot be matched by larger downtown law firms.

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